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Provide your users with specific & tailored business information including dynamic pricing for e-Commerce.

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Select the role of your Busi.Chat Client; Sales, Customer Support, Team Operations Support & others

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Upload your data - multiple formats accepted including text files, excel, PDF, .db, websites URLs & more.

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Deploy your chat widget to your website. Monitor using our default dashboard, or configure an integration.

Busi.Chat will:

Improve Productivity

Busi.Chat can handle multiple queries at the same time, reducing the response time and improving efficiency. Helping your business to resolve customer queries quickly, leading to faster issue resolution and better customer satisfaction

Improve Availability

Busi.Chat can be available 24/7, which means it can assist customers anytime, anywhere, and on any device. This helps to improve customer satisfaction and reduce wait times.


Busi.Chat can handle a high volume of queries simultaneously without any breaks, unlike human customer service representatives. Not only reducing staffing but also lowering the costs of running customer service systems.

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Running a business over the last 10 years, I have bought, or developed, new technology where ever we could to get an edge... is one of the tools we developed to help us do our job smarter, cheaper & better.
A.H - Founder

At, we are passionate about helping businesses stay ahead in today’s fast-paced, competitive market. 
We understand the importance of data security, privacy, and sovereignty, which is why we store proprietary data on tier 1 AWS servers.
We support multiple file types and can configure APIs for e-Commerce purposes, enabling dynamic product pricing to enhance the user experience.
Our goal is to help businesses save time, increase efficiency, and achieve their business goals.


How does it work?
You select your role for the client, upload your proprietary data, and then deploy the widget to your website. It’s that simple.
We handle everything else.
How does handle complex queries or questions? uses AI-powered algorithms to analyze complex queries or questions and provide tailored responses based on the subscriber’s proprietary company data.
What types of files can I upload to
You can upload multiple file types, including PDF, text, docs, .db, json, and excel (amongst others).
We also include your nominated website into the data set.
We can also configure an API connection for e-commerce dynamic updating of data (product lists, pricing etc).
How does ensure data security and privacy?
Proprietary data is stored on tier 1 AWS servers that enable data privacy and data sovereignty.
Any data passed to OpenAI is through an API connection that is ‘opted-out’ of OpenAI’s data storage, monitoring, or improvement processing.
How does help me save time and increase efficiency? is an AI-powered chat client that provides personalised information about your business, including dynamic prices of your product list( for ecommerce), and qualifies leads for you.
This means that you don’t have to spend time answering the same questions repeatedly and can focus on more important tasks.
What subscription plans does offer? offers three subscription plans: Company, e-Commerce, and Corporate. All plans are monthly plans – so you just need to provide 30 days notice to cancel the plan.
What is the difference between the Company and e-Commerce plans?
The Company plan is ideal for most businesses, while the e-Commerce plan is best for high-volume traffic sites or large teams, especially when used in an operations role. The API for product pricing is only available on the e-Commerce plan.
How do I configure my e-Commerce API?
At this stage, the team will need to manually configure the API for your e-commerce pricing. There is an upfront (once off) fee to configure the API.
It’s a straightforward process that can be done quickly. Simply contact us during setup to discuss. 
What does the Corporate plan offer?
The Corporate plan allows for custom role creation and an API configuration for large-scale proprietary data access.
How does measure usage? uses ‘chat sessions’ as the primary measure of use. A ‘chat session’ is when a site visitor or user starts using the chat widget.
You can purchase more chat sessions if you reach your plan limit.
How does measure proprietary data uploaded? uses ‘pages‘ as the measure of proprietary data uploaded. A ‘page‘ is the same as an A4 sheet (about 500 words).
You can purchase more pages if you reach your plan limit.
Who developed was developed & is supported by is a consulting firm that specializes in remapping workflows with technology, particularly utilizing advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to streamline and optimize tasks. has successfully managed the development and implementation of AI-based tools across multiple sectors and has extensive experience in rapid conceptualization and deployment of software prototypes.
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